Overhead Protective Film Gown

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Overhead Protective Film Gown
Overhead Protective Film Gown
Overhead Protective Film Gown
Overhead Protective Film Gown

Overhead Protective Film Gown

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Made of a single, lightweight layer of protective polyethylene film with an open back design, this gown provides the highest level of protection from fluids and contaminants with the breathability to keep the wearer cool and comfortable.

20 Gowns/Box



A single layer of polyethylene film creates maximum barrier protection against fluids and contaminants.

Overhead neck closure allows quick and easy donning and doffing, minimizing contact with harmful fluids.

Open back design provides enhanced breathability for clinician comfort.

Thumbloops keep gown sleeves in place under gloves to protect vulnerable skin from harmful substances and bacteria.


Material Performance*
Meets Impact Penetration and Hydrostatic Pressure Requirements at AAMI Level 3:
Impact Penetration: ≤ 1.0g
Hydrostatic Pressure: ≥ 50cm

*Based on AQL level 4.0

Providing head-to-toe coverage

PRIMED gowns and apparel offer a range of protective options, from basic barrier control to high fluid resistance, ensuring clinicians are covered from head to toe. We continue to introduce better, more fluid resistance materials to help increase user protection, but without compromising comfort. Our innovate designs lead to products that allow for unrestricted movement while remaining lightweight and breathable.

Protection you can trust

Using only premium quality materials, PRIMED gowns and apparel keep you protected throughout a variety of tasks and procedures. Available in different styles and features, these products can be used in different clinical settings. For basic protection, lean on PRIMED's overhead spunbond cover gowns and bouffant caps to contain particles and prevent contamination. For procedures with high exposure to fluid splash, don a PRIMED AAMI Level 3 isolation gown, surgeon's cap, and fluid-resistant shoe covers to ensure top-of-the-line safety.

Extend your brand and differentiate your company

Partnering with PRIMED allows access to our trusted and known, clinically preferred products while showcasing your company with comprehensive brand enhancement. We offer a full suite of services from packaging design to foundational market knowledge, and our North American team is experienced and passionate to drive your success.

Your brand is our business.

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